Humor and Satire


On this page, I invite you to explore the value of humor and satire in business and in life. Despite this benign intention, I feel compelled to warn you that the content assembled below expresses extreme, extremist and fringe-dwelling ideas that may shock and offend you and cause you to hate me for my complicity in keeping these ideas alive in our collective consciousness. Of course, if you react in this manner, you are probably one of the millions of people worldwide who continue to inspire great satire with their devotion to falsehood and evil.

I personally find little value in satirical art emasculated at the altar of conventional propriety. Satire works best when it doesn’t hold back, when it fearlessly expresses a consistently iconoclastic spirit, when it smashes idols without apology, the way Abraham, for example, smashed his father’s idols (Genesis 12:4–6); he didn’t rearrange them or place them in a corner.  This act of vicious rebellion not only led to the creation of a great nation, but it also ensured the father’s salvation. There’s an important truth here…too obvious to require further explanation.

Nonetheless, I will explain. True satire represents a tactical extension of the revolutionary impulse which has propelled humanity through some of its most important, painful and inescapable breakthroughs. Copernicus’s irreverent inversion of the geocentric Ptolemaic orthodoxy revealed to humanity its true place in the cosmos. Darwin’s rebuttal of the canonical creation story released humanity from the bonds of existential naiveté. Human civilization continues to draw its life force from fearless spirits who refuse to subordinate their noblest impulses to pre-existing dogma. Satire provides an essential fuel for the endless struggle with ideological anachronisms that impede the global society’s movement toward healthier organizing principles.





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