Marketing & Communications

In this section, I have assembled my research and essays on various aspects marketing and communications and specific issues that command the attention professional communicators and other brand ambassadors. The dominant themes and questions I have addressed in my writing include the following:

  • Crisis of Trust and the Re-invention of PR — Public trust in corporations, government, religious institutions and the news media continues to weaken steadily. Progressive leaders and communicators today are addressing the complex causes and consequences of this crisis of trust. Increasingly, they are re-thinking many fundamental assumptions at the heart of PR, IR, marketing and advertising strategies. New methodologies, attuned to drastic changes in public sentiment, are replacing obsolete models of marketing and PR. Read more.
  • New Approaches to Opinion Research — Current approaches to perception research evolved in a world uncomplicated
    by post-modern anxieties and the evolution of social media. New methodologies are emerging to help communicators develop more reliable and holistic approaches to opinion research. Read more.