Lev has the unique ability to both create and execute a marketing campaign while actually understanding the product he is marketing. His excellence in marketing and strategy are brought on not just by a genius in himself, but also the genius he borrows from other people’s ideas — expanding upon them, and breathing life into them. Lev is in the top 0.5% in intelligence, but none of that really matters, because when it comes down to it, he’s one of the kindest people you will have the pleasure of meeting. I would say Lev is one in a million, but that would be unfair to him, he is one in 6.6 billion. (Read more)


Lev is thoroughly professional with an infectious enthusiasm for the task at hand – a real pleasure to work with. (Read more)


In little more than a year as head of Marketing for GMI Ratings, Lev Janashvili worked tirelessly to navigate challenges and opportunities in the areas of sales growth, product development, strategic partnerships, operational improvements, editorial content, and team leadership. (Read more)


Lev breathed fresh energy, elegance and precision into our marketing, sales, business strategy, thought leadership and market research. He played an essential role in developing a business plan for our newest risk model, which improves portfolio performance based on forensic risk metrics and proprietary algorithms. In large part, the success of this important product launch reflects Lev’s relentless focus on message discipline and his understanding of the broader context of market trends that make our new model relevant and timely. Excelling as a writer and analyst of investment risks, he co-authored with me a number of widely-cited reports on aggressive accounting practices and the relative risk of major share price declines. He served as a company spokesman to the financial media on a daily basis, and wrote a series of opinion/thought pieces on the changing character of capital markets and the spread of investment risks that lie beyond the scope of classical economic theory.  (Read more)


Lev has an exceptional grasp of the workings of the capital market. He is a highly motivated, energetic, well read and intellectually curious person who always provides a meaningful pespective on issues. Lev is an engaging personality; thus, he gets along well with clients and is dogged in respect of their interests and objectives. He is a thoughtful and gifted writer. I am pleased to recommend my friend and colleague, Lev Janashvili. (Read more)


I was very impressed with Lev’s performance as a team leader and curator of human talent. He recruited, trained and helped steer many of our most promising hires over the past year. Invariably, Lev challenged himself not only to deliver superb performance, but also to bring out the best in his colleagues. He succeeded beyond my expectations (Read more)