Professional Profile

head shot in the street narrowNearly 20 years of experience in innovation-driven businesses marketing products and services to institutional investors, corporate issuers, regulators, academics, auditors and insurers.

  • Executive Leadership — Extensive experience in organizational leadership and general management, including significant responsibilities for 1) Strategy and operations, 2) Mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships, 3) Product development, 4) Marketing and public relations, 5) Financial performance, 6) Planning and analysis, 7) Human resource management, and 8) Other mission-critical functions.
  • Marketing and PR — Expertise in all aspects of corporate communications, including 1) Planning and message development, 2) Development of communication tools and tactics, 3) Research-driven thought leadership, 4) Media relations, 5) Employee engagement, 6) market research and analytics, 7) Technology-driven process engineering and automation.
  • Thought Leadership — Broad track record of thought leadership on dominant issues in capital markets, corporate governance/ESG, compliance, disclosure practices, sustainability, forensic accounting and responsible investing.
  • Global Perspective — Advisory experience with public and private companies, industry associations and elected officials from more than 20 countries.