No Longer Hidden in Plain Sight: The Crisis of Institutional Legitimacy

When I started writing about the crisis of institutional legitimacy (long before the launch of the widely cited Edelman Trust Barometer), a tiny handful of my colleagues and bosses spoke in whispers about this hidden-in-plain-sight over-sized “gorilla in the room.” However, most of the sensible gainfully employed professionals didn’t dare broach the subject at all. “It’s a career-limiting move,” a former boss used to tell me often.

Now, corporate intelligentsia just can’t stop talking about the Emperor’s New Clothes. For the latest in this genre, click here to see how four executives at PwC hope to help organizations reclaim legitimacy.

As any professional investor will tell you that, when everybody starts talking about an idea, you should stop thinking about it, because it no longer reflects your greatest challenges or opportunities. Why read yesterday’s newspaper? (Well, if you didn’t read it yesterday, you may want to do some remedial work today.)

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