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In a departure from the norm on this blog, I’m sharing a business update on behalf of the corporate entity which, under various brand names over the years, has so generously underwritten my musings here about the crisis of trust, psychoanalysis of sustainability, accounting fraud, deleting social media, how to lie, the future of influence, human-to-human communications (H2H) and how to respond to weaponized information.

Having spent my entire career on the battlefields of corporate communications, I never treated these subjects as idle intellectual enthusiasms. This was work, but it did stir up a deep fascination with the human psyche under the influence of language and media (arguably, the original opiates of the masses). Less than a year ago, in an attempt to boil down this illuminating journey to its practical implications for my consulting practice, I came up with the tagline Influence with Integrity, always hastening to explain that I don’t mean “integrity” in a touchy-feely sense, and I don’t mean “influence” in a derogatory sense. I use both these words in a technical sense. But my corporate overlords insist that I stop pontificating about the meaning of integrity. Productize instead, they say. Be the change you want to see…yadda, yadda.

Introducing The E-Prime Portfolio

Together with my agency partners, I have re-organized my communication services under The E-Prime Portfolio (SM), which aligns rigorously designed solutions with the needs of organizational leaders and business owners invested in certain causes. Building on the motto — Influence with Integrity — the inaugural E-Prime portfolio focuses on four causes: 1) To safeguard the integrity of financial markets, 2) To humanize communications, 3) To heal the doctor-patient relationship, and 4) Build trust in the issuer-investor relationship.

Engineering Integrity Into the Influence Business

E-Prime represents our response to the continuing disruption of established operational models among branding/creative agencies. The E-Prime Portfolio harnesses the aggregate benefits of specialized thinking, reliable and flexible access to a mix of senior and junior resources with consulting, editorial and in-house experience.

Complimentary Consultations

Below are a few details on the first four E-Prime services, and the E-Prime website should be up and running within a couple of weeks, with features such as online bookings and questionnaires for prospective partners and account staff. If your business or nonprofit is invested in any of our causes, feel free to book a complimentary consultation.

The first four causes are neither mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive, and we welcome inquiries from consultancies and in-house teams interested in applying The E-Prime model of Influence with Integrity to new causes. Ask us about our “Fifth Column” initiative (See last section below).

Beyond ESG

Safeguarding Market Integrity

Beyond ESG is an integrated communications and marketing service designed for institutional, corporate and academic participants in sustainable finance and the study of extra-financial measures of investment risk. We welcome inquiries from all signatories and supporters of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), including asset managers, asset owners, research firms, academics and consultants invested in Safeguarding Market Integrity.


  • Team with broad experience in corporate governance research, ESG ratings, product launches, brand audits, and content strategies, including multi-channel campaigns built around quarterly and annual publications.
  • Alternative to traditional PR and marketing agencies with a flexible staffing model offering clients as-needed access to junior and senior resources.
  • Experienced in mergers and acquisitions and crisis communications.

H2H Strategies

Humanizing Communications

H2H provides institutional-grade branding, editorial and digital marketing service packages to private companies, nonprofits and startups. We welcome inquiries from organizational and departmental leaders, professional communicators, content creators, and boards of directors invested in Humanizing Communications, the alternative and antidote to propaganda (not to mention more specific informational viruses usually described as jargon, manipulation, obfuscation, filter bubbles, etc.).


  • A team of “card-carrying generalists” with broad experience working with small businesses, including independent practitioners, law firms, public relations firms, real estate developers, asset managers and FinTechs.
  • Alternative to traditional PR and marketing agencies with a flexible staffing model offering clients as-needed access to junior and senior resources.
  • Avid practitioners of “long-form public relations”, we are skilled at storifying highly complex businesses in regulated industries.


Healing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

MyCMO is an “Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer” service providing integrated management of all marketing investments on behalf of medical practices. In the digital category, we provide dedicated daily management of all Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and reputation management platforms. We also provide event management and traditional media relations services.


  • MyCMO delivers impressive ROI and frees doctors and front-desk staff to focus on patient care.
  • Reduces risk of generic cookie-cutter branding stemming from over-reliance on technology tools.
  • Flexible staffing model offering clients as-needed access to junior and senior resources.
  • Alternative to traditional PR and marketing agencies.

IR Maven

Building Trust in the Issuer-Investor Relationship

IR Maven helps public companies achieve and maintain full and fair valuation in capital markets by identifying materials gaps and asymmetries in stakeholder perceptions. These findings provide a factual foundation for important decisions about the company’s message platform, strategic posture, capital formation, investor relations strategy and other areas.


  • Conflict-free findings. We deliver factual, data-driven intelligence to help management teams and boards mitigate risk and improve valuation.
  • We help clients anticipate pitfalls before seminal events such as quarterly earnings or annual Investor/Analyst Day

E-Prime Next: “The Fifth Column”

Frontiers of Innovation and Discovery

The first four E-Prime services were merely designed to re-productize Janashvili & Company’s current capabilities (as of May 2019). But we are actively seeking partnerships and client engagements that would allow us to develop high-impact campaigns around new causes. We are currently studying the following categories:

  • The ethical anchors of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • New Governance Standards for Social Media Companies (The Time Well Spent Initiative).
  • Sustainable Funding for Infrastructure Development in the Northeast Corridor.
  • Legalization of Cannabis and Psychedelics.
  • Psychoanalysis in the Age of the Algorithm.

Complimentary Consultations

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