This unknown startup is launching a $130 VR headset this fall

The virtualization of reality is quickly moving into the cultural mainstream. When examined through the prism of fear, the trend appears to signify a loss of cherished cultural sensibilities, a distortion of life as it is. But overtime, the fears fade; increasingly, excursions into the reality of the virtual feel like an eye-opening discovery, not a loss or an impoverishment. No need for final verdicts on this complex dialectic. Let’s enjoy the journey.


MergeVR, a new virtual reality startup out of San Antonio, is launching $130 VR goggles this fall that will work with both Android and Apple smartphones. MergeVR is the first company to announce a consumer launch timeframe for a mobile VR headset.

HTC will launch a high-end PC VR headset this fall, while Sony will release its Morpheus VR system for PlayStation 4 in early 2016. Tim Merel, managing director of Digi-Capital, says eight other early stage mobile VR companies have announced mobile VR products at various stages of development to address both Android and iOS.

Digi-Capital forecasts the VR industry will evolve from early adopters to more mainstream consumers within five years and generate over $30 billion by 2020. Merel believes lower price points for mobile VR could make it easier for users to try new products, thus giving MergeVR an advantage as an early entrant in the mobile…

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