Weekend Reading: The Unending Anxiety of an ICYMI World

Interesting piece in the New York Times yesterday:  The Unending Anxiety of an ICYMI World.
“Now we’re in the midst of the streaming era, when the news industry distributes material on a 24-hour cycle, entire seasons of TV shows are dumped on viewers instantaneously, most movies are available at any time and the flow of the Internet and social media is ceaseless. We are nearly all interstitial space, with comparatively few singularities.”
“The cumulative effect is overwhelming for both producers of content and its consumers. Those who put out work, understandably, want to make sure it’s not lost on whatever site is hosting it, let alone in the social media blizzard of “must read” links, one-off jokes and other self-promotion. When the home page of a website refreshes every couple of hours (or minutes), there aren’t a lot of conspicuous ways to showcase older material except through the referrals of Twitter, Facebook and the like.”
We all co-create the social realities that engulf us. As members of a self-organizing swarm, we cannot view the tsunami of digital data as something that happens to us. We can’t help but acknowledge our individual roles as co-authors of this explosion and helpless enablers of our collective addiction to data. Like hungry ghosts binging on illusions, we consume data with the unmistakable hope that this digital diet will save or redeem us in some way.
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