Composing Your World

I never manifested much of a musical talent, nor did I ever learn to draw or paint, but starting in my early 30s, I developed an interest in music, the visual arts and other subjects that didn’t interest me greatly during my childhood and adolescence. With time, I increasingly find myself drawn to music and art, and I seek out experiences that excite me or educate me through the senses rather than through the prism of words.

Especially in a world mired in a deepening crisis of trust, the evidence of the senses seems a truer guide than symbolized abstractions and narratives that obscure truths deemed unspeakable. In fact, the most significant innovations and revolutions looming on the horizon depend — for their lifeblood — on the re-establishment of a lost intimacy with our senses. The videos below begin to reveal the transformative potential of this journey.

  • An Education Through Sound — In this Ted Talk (Composing Your World | Kai Kight | TEDxManhattanBeach), an innovative violinist/composer helps us look at the world, almost in a Daoist spirit, as a self-generating composition of ideas held back only by the human tendency to follow false authority (i.e., anything but the Voice Within).
  • The Music of the Natural Mind — In this discourse (Ajahn Chah – The Natural Mind), a venerated forest monk reveals essential truths about our relationship with our senses. Several portions of the audiobook relate eloquently to the idea of learning the most from the sense experiences that disturb us the most.


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