Shape Creation (Genesis)

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The cycle of readings for Shabbat in the synagogues begins again at the beginning. About the world and its creation, the first chapter of points to the careful transitions between tohu and bohu, between light and dark, between waters and waters, dry land and oceans, fish foul and creatures, the human person, male and female God created them in the image of God. About God, the rabbis compare the Creator to an artist. God is a God who makes things. Big compositions by Turner, Kandinsky, Rothko, and Kiefer come to mind, but I prefer these fierce, funny little creatures by Murakami.

In Berachot 10a, “R. Shimi b. ‘Ukba (others say, Mar ‘Ukba) was often in the company of R. Shimon b. Pazzi, who25  used to arrange aggadahs [and recite them] before R. Yohanan. He26  said to him: What is the meaning of the verse…

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