Naming the Void

Sacred Truths about Names and Naming


If you ask who I am, I’ll say, as God did.
I am what I am. I’ll be what I’ll be.
The same’s true for you. So, please, let’s avoid
The comic futility of naming the void.

No description will do. No word will define
Infinite space and infinite time.
Letter, character, symbol and sign
All language is empty.  Every thought is a crime.

That’s nonsense, you say. Just explain who you are.
This talk of infinity can’t go very far.
I will give it a try. I can label the void.
My reluctant reply will strengthen my point.


I am a Jewish Hedonist Epicurean,
A bon vivant, a bit European.
Intellectual. Ineffectual.
Transcendentalist, blissfully sensual.

Rabid Agnostic and Buddhist non-theist
Secular Humanist and non-dualist
Free at last from the bonds of unreason
Set against hatred, whatever the season.

Post-modern, poetic, and anti-dogmatic
Anti-consumerist, a little phlegmatic
Distrustful of government, business, religion
Faceless bureaucracies and eloquent speeches.

Suspicious of metaphors.  Beautiful poems.
Beautiful theories. Elegant stories.
They are all distortions.  They are failures to face
The sacred comfort of life as it is.


These truths are reflected in various voices,
Philosophies, sciences, even psychosis
Psychoanalysis. Astrophysics
Logic. Linguistics. The teachings of mystics.

Not everyone knows, but some people do
About the finger that points to the moon,
About the territory and the map
About the gulf between story and fact..

The wise one looks beyond the sign,
Beyond the prism of language and myth
He looks at the moon, and sees the described
Instead of clinging to the description of it.

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