Reinventing Ideology

The global community today still operates as if the majority of people haven’t heard the news that our dominant ideologies have collapsed, exposed thoroughly as anachronisms or sheer falsehoods.

The mainstream culture has not even started the mourning process to make sense of the loss of belief systems we’ve collectively internalized and cherished.

“God” died a long time ago. So has every ideology that rose to replace that Grandest Illusion. We have entered an era of epistemological hopelessness. We now know that no one and nothing will give us the answers we seek.

The non-dualist worldview offers an  obvious reassurance: “We don’t need to find the answer. We are the answer.”

There’s also a broader sphere of progressive and radical ideologies (and their alliances) that continue to displace the outdated nomenclature of ideological affinities.

For now, we still inhabit a political culture that leaves us no choice but to identify with “none of the above” ideological frameworks.


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