My Skinned-Ego, My Thinking-Ego.

The Journey Into Self

The Group is a powerful entity. As a student of the group phenomena and counseling, I have been intrigued by it. One of the texts we read in my degree that deals with the group and the dynamic of the group was Didier Anzieu’s “The Dynamic of the small group”. I was surprised by his clarity and at the same time the cleaver notes he makes about it. Although his approach is psychoanalytical (and my degree is in the Humanistic branch) what I read really took my attention.

I started to read more about him and then, I found that one of his works was “The Skinned Ego” (Le Moi Peau in French). It is one of the most beautiful books I have read. His proposal, briefly speaking, is that the skin itself could represent a metaphor of the psychic configurations of the person. I will not get into the…

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