(Bulldoze Their Homes) Halakhic Red Lines (Anti-Racism) (Israel)

Exactly right. There should be no preferential treatment for terrorists, whether they perpetrate crimes in the name of Allah or Yahweh.

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I’ve seen people online ask with lots of snark if the government of Israel or Israeli-Jewish public figures will react to the wave of anti-Arab hatred and incitement, the budding Jewish terrorism, with the same severity as the government reacts to the threat of Palestinian terrorism.  Rabbi Daniel Landes has recently called for just that, including the bulldozing of parents’ homes, on principles that fuse democratic and halakhic principles. You can read the whole thing here, but here are what I think are the highlights:

“There is only one sane and truly halakhic way to tackle our current situation: Take the well-known members of the Orthodox Price Tag gang and lock ‘em up, for a long time and in an inaccessible prison. Don’t let them go home for chagim and deny them visitors. Do the best to break and separate them. Freeze monies that go to their families. And…

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