Breaking the Language Barrier: Innovations in Machine Translation (MT)

Talking technology is becoming ubiquitous — and maybe even useful (, 6/20)

  • “People tend to like human-sounding interfaces, as long as they’re judged to be competent.”

Machine learning in the cloud: beyond Kinect and Cortana (Tech Radar, Mary Branscombe, 6/20)

  • “Machine learning is behind more and more of the technology we use every day – and it’s not just voice recognition in Kinect and Cortana or Microsoft’s futuristic language translation in Skype.”

Why So Many Translators Hate Translation Technology (HuffPo, Nataly Kelly, 6/19)

  • “Translation tool development has largely stagnated. It’s incredibly frustrating for translators that so little development has taken place when it comes to professional tools. I find it incredible that the interface for most translation tools today looks nearly identical to the interface that I used as a translator in 1996.”

eBay Acquires Machine Translation Capabilities From AppTek To Help Expand International Sales (TechCrunch, Sarah Perez, 6/13)

  • “Longer-term, the company wants to offer more services for buyers and sellers, including a listing service that would help sellers list in multiple languages, instead of turning to third-parties for help. eBay’s also planning to develop instant messaging-like communication tools between buyers and sellers that would translate between languages in real time.”

Rise of the machine translators (The Economist, 6/13)

  • “MT systems typically work statistically. If you feed a lot of high-quality human-translated texts into a translation model in both target and source languages, the model can learn the likelihood that “X” in language A will be translated as “Y” in language B.”

Microsoft Unveils Near-Real Time Language Translation For Skype (Forbes, Parmy Olson, 5/28)

  • “Skype hopes to make its international connections easier — though perhaps still a little awkward — with a new feature that automatically translates conversations almost in real time.”