Breaking the English-Chinese Language Barrier

New Consortium To Develop Two-Way Spoken-Language Translation Software

Alliances for Discovery (AFD) and the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII) have formed a consortium to develop a real-time, English-Chinese-English translator of spoken language in the natural human voice. The consortium plans to integrate existing innovations in speech recognition, software engineering and acoustics to create a mass-market app that will dramatically minimize the language barrier separating English and Chinese-language speakers.

Leading technology companies – including Google, Apple, Nuance, Microsoft, IBM — have already created all the core technology and capabilities needed for this app. These market participants are now grappling with the ultimate innovation challenge — integration, which necessitates a realignment of current institutional incentives to spur a new wave of coopetition.

Next week, consortium founders will lay out the essential elements of a legal, technical, and business framework for this public/private partnership. Julian Gresser, Chairman of Alliances for Discovery, and Howard Lieberman, Founder and Chairman of SVII, will be available for media interviews and discussions with prospective consortium members.

The founding partners of the consortium plan to pursue a convergence-driven strategy that will include collaboration with Chinese companies and organizations. The consortium’s first step is to develop standardized metrics for intelligibility.

About Alliances for Discovery (AFD)

Alliances for Discovery (AFD) is a non-profit organization founded by Julian Gresser in 2002 with the goal of accelerating breakthrough discoveries, inventions, and innovations of benefit for humanity. AFD’s “Smart” Collaborative Innovation Network (S-COIN) platform integrates social media, crowd sourcing, smart technology, and a “Discovery Engine” as described in Julian Gresser’s recent book Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind (Bridge21 Publications LLC). The platformenables domain experts and citizen scientists to communicate effectively and work together on a broad range of global issues, including disaster prediction, sustainable energy, clean and affordable water, and health and longevity. Julian Gresser has been twice Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at the Harvard Law School, a visiting professor in the Program on Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, and a senior advisor to the U.S. State Department, the World Bank, the European Commission, and the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan. More information at

About Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII)

Founded in 2005, Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII) is a specialized nonprofit thinktank providing “Vision to Value” services to innovation advocates among corporate decision-makers, elected officials and entrepreneurs. SVII’s founder and Chairman Howard Lieberman is a global innovation guide, author, executive consultant and popular speaker addressing audiences around the world. Before starting SVII, Mr. Lieberman spent 20 years at Bose, Apple and DARPA, all top-of-their-field, world-class innovation cultures. As a physicist and electrical engineer, he founded several technology-based enterprises, and as the Dean of Cogswell Polytechnical College, he created an innovation management program in 2000. More information at

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