Michael Dowd on the personification of reality

Very compelling ideas. Worth studying closely. Reality is my “God” too, and I don’t believe in God.


Michael Dowd is one of the few people with the title of “Reverend” whose views on reality I find interesting.  His motto is, “reality is my God, evidence is my scripture.”

The other day, I did a post asking what religion is, and wondering whether science wasn’t itself a religion.  It’s hard to listen to Dowd and not conclude that science is in fact his religion.  He doesn’t say it explicitly in this video, but he’s written elsewhere that he regards scientists as modern day prophets, seeing the warnings of climatologists about global warming as essentially the same as the warnings from Old Testament prophets that disaster loomed if people didn’t clean up their act.

His views remind me, to some extent, of the views of early scientists during the scientific revolution in the 16th and 17th centuries, who viewed the Bible as the Book of Scripture, and the external world…

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