My Wish List for the Next Presidential Election

The next president should not be a Republican or a Democrat, especially with the last names of Clinton or Bush.

The next president should not be an incrementalist or a mild-mannered apologist for the status quo. We need a bold thinker with the intestinal fortitude to honor his or her campaign promises. We don’t need anyone who will “feel our pain” or comfort us with hollow reassurances such as “yes we can”.

The next president will recognize that the current system of government will not last. His/her responsibility is to lead the world through a peaceful transition.

If the next president does not do for this country what Gorbachev did for the USSR, the outcome will be catastrophic.

We don’t need anyone who gets elected largely because of race, gender, ethnicity or any other consideration beyond the candidate’s qualifications and content of character.

The next president cannot be a warmonger who uses words like isolationist as an insult.

To be continued.

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