Reclaiming the Radical Imagination

“The opposition of two stupidities does not mean that the truth is somewhere in the middle.”

— John Lukacs (Historian)

No one today would gasp in disbelief at the observation that the institutional pillars of modern societies — government, business, religion, journalism — are convulsing through one crisis of legitimacy after another. It sounds scandalous and subversive, but the argument simply provides a penetrating glimpse into an obvious and bitter truth.

Today, we know that putatively democratic governments no longer enact or express the will of the people. They don’t seem to care about the consent of the governed; instead, they wholeheartedly embrace their subservience to corporate power, leaving everyone complicit in this collusion free to perpetrate fraud with impunity. We also know that neither the media nor religious institutions have the will or the moral authority to oppose systemic fraud and the shredding of progressive ideals.

But there is a growing cadre of radical thinkers eloquently exposing the collapse of institutional legitimacy. For a long time, these voices were as sincere as they were ineffectual, often dismissed as a bunch of starry-eyed idealists who dare to take democracy and transparency seriously. As these thinkers increasingly combine their ideas with concerted political action, they are becoming a cultural force far more credible than the effete duopoly of Democratic and Republican apparatchiks.

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