Wild Things: Glimmers of Enlightenment

In the latest addition to my Enlightened Spirituality playlist on Youtube, Wendell Berry delivers nothing short of a State of Humanity address. He performs a small miracle here in that he acknowledges the apparent hopelessness of our condition, but he still finds great reasons to hope and smart ways to fight.

About the Playlist

I assembled this admittedly incomplete playlist based on purely subjective, if not whimsical, criteria. I included here lectures by scholars, mystics, poets, performers, martial artists, philosophical entertainers (and a few representatives of the lunatic fringe) whom I consider teachers of enlightened spirituality. It’s a deeply diverse group, with voices deeply varied in their basic character, grounded in starkly contrasting cultural forms. From their unique vantage points, these teachers express timely and timeless truths that echo through every wisdom tradition — when it is unobstructed by ideology — and every human life — when examined without fear. I hope these videos bring you as much peace and joy as they have brought me.

Other Recent Additions


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