5 Classic Books That Have Inspired Innovative Thinking Throughout Time

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“Innovation”, “mindfulness”, and “creativity” are terms we hear a lot these days, but where did they come from? These five books helped shape generations of thinkers, and their lessons still apply today.

Creativity, innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship–they all begin within us; each is very much a human process.

So naturally, the more we humanize the way we think and work, the more progress we can make in these arenas. If we understand the mental and emotional drivers of innovation and creativity, we can be more innovative and creative:


Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (1942) by Joseph Schumpeter

“The fundamental impulse that sets and keeps the capitalist engine in motion comes from the new consumers, goods, the new methods of production or transportation, the new markets, the new forms of industrial organization that capitalist enterprise creates. This process of Creative Destruction is…

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