Bringing Innovation to Innovation: My New Client Julian Gresser

I’m honored to welcome Julian Gresser to my client community of socially conscious innovators. Julian is a distinguished attorney, negotiator, entrepreneur, author, martial artist, musician and a leading expert on environmental law in Asia. Julian’s entrepreneurial ventures include Alliances for Discovery and Global Innovation Integrators.  Most importantly, Julian is a kindred spirit whose work powerfully echoes my own convictions about the central role of innovation in business and in personal life.

Initially, my work with Julian will focus primarily on his latest book Piloting Through Chaos: The Explorer’s Mind. The book provides a practically useful and a powerfully evocative guide to people and corporations looking for ways to become better captains of their destinies. Unlike many books on innovation and negotiation strategies, Piloting Through Chaos helps readers think and feel beyond the prevailing over-caffeinated obsession with goals, strategies and tactics. Drawing on both Eastern and Western wisdom traditions, Julian articulates deeply resonant principles to help readers harmonize every aspect of exploration with the explorer’s character and deepest spiritual yearnings. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I have long advocated precisely this kind of approach to redeeming clarity from the claws of chaos.

About Julian Gresser

Julian Gresser is an international attorney, negotiator, inventor, and recognized expert on Asia. From 1976 to 1983, he served as Visiting Mitsubishi Professor at the Harvard Law School and taught courses as a Visiting Professor at MIT on the legal issues of strategic industries. He has been a Visiting Professor at Beijing University, where he taught seminars on Japanese and U.S. environmental law, and also helped the Chinese environmental authorities draft China’s Marine Pollution Control Law.

He has served as legal advisor to numerous U.S., Japanese, and European companies on a wide array of business issues, including joint ventures, limited (venture capital) partnerships, technology licensing, export controls and customs fraud, antitrust, and intellectual property protection, particularly patent infringement disputes. He has been a senior consultant to the U.S. State Department, The World Bank, The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan, The People’s Republic of China, and the European Commission (where he trained the Commission’s Japanese negotiating teams).

Julian Gresser is also the founder of Global Innovation Integrators which helps China’s top CEOs and their companies develop and execute effective innovation strategies.

Julian Gresser’s most passionate project is a Global Network of Intelligent Explorer’s Wheels, dedicated to finding solutions to some of the “wicked” problems confronting humanity, based on the template for continuous lifelong learning introduced in the Piloting Through Chaos—The Explorer’s Mind.

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