Bridging Cultural Knowledge Gaps: Bridge21 Publications

I’m thrilled to share the news that Bridge21 Publications has joined my client community of socially conscious innovators. Bridge21 publishes and incubates works of scholarship that help bridge cultural knowledge gaps, particularly the gaps between the magisteria of Eastern and Western thought. The strengthening of the bonds between these hemispheres of human civilization continues to yield radically original insights applicable to the most pressing issues of the day in business, politics, arts and science. Together with my partner, GraphicIQ, I will be working with Bridge21 on several editorial, design and business development projects.

b21 logo

About Bridge21 Publications

The mission of Bridge21 Publications and Professional Services, LLC (California) and its wholly-owned subsidiary New Connections Academic Services, Ltd. (Hong Kong) is to incubate and internationalize the highest quality research about East Asian culture—past, present, and future—with special attention to greater China. Bridge21 is acquiring books in translation and original English-language manuscripts as well as starting journals exclusively in the social sciences and humanities, concentrating especially in the areas of anthropology, archaeology, the arts, philosophy, and religion. For more information, visit


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