Smashing The Idols Of Orthodox Religion

Here and here you’ll find sobering depictions of modern-day Jewish fundamentalism. These films also point to the silence of the broader Jewish community about the continuing expansion of these hateful theologies. These films only begin to reveal the full dimensions of child abuse in Orthodox communities. Here, abuse doesn’t just come in the form sexual or physical assault, but also in the form of depriving the child of education and infecting the child’s mind with medieval ideas.

Also, let’s not single out Hasidim. Based on extensive direct experience, I think that “Modern Orthodox” Judaism is simply a milder form of the same poison. These are all false and dehumanizing theologies. Sustained by fear, they focus intensely on suppressing the revelation of their falsehood. I wish the refugees from these nightmares lots of strength.

This is why, I support the following organizations:









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