Howling Through The Pain: A Poem in Loose Translation


Below is my latest translation of a poem by Niko Gomelauri. The original poem in Georgian is included in the sidebar, transliterated into English. You can also hear the author’s own reading of the original poem here.

Howling Through The Pain

They traded me. Sold me. But no one can hold me.
They trampled me. Buried me. But my hope still carries me.
They hurt me. And used me. But could not reduce me.
They slandered me. Shamed me. But could not enslave me.

Wounded. Cast out. I suffer alone.
Robbed and forgotten by friend and by foe.
They drugged me. They tricked me. They took their time.
Bursting with laughter, they said: What’s the crime?!

They still twist me and turn me, parading my pain.
My poems and passions marked with a stain.
With absolute certainty, they reach for my throat.
Choke him, they say. That’s their vote.

But I still draw my breath. Still follow my plan.
Still love what I love. Still am what I am.
As long as I live, I won’t fear the rain.
I’ll just keep my eyes open and howl through the pain.

traded me 2

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