Ultimate Bliss

This is the sense in which all religious traditions are absolutely true. This is atheism in the name of God. This is the religion of no religion. This is the meaning of human freedom beyond the matrix of ideology. This is the only type of spirituality fully consistent with the truth of science and reason.

By comparison, organized religions today mainly serve as protectors of false theologies, clinging to existence at the expense of human well-being. The Abrahamic faiths, in particular, have squandered their potential in pursuit of scriptural literalism. They created wisdom traditions  with real depth, but then they turned them into superficially different operating systems for spiritual automatons. Instead of helping spiritual seekers understand the redemptive potential of mythical narratives, orthodoxy denigrates and provincializes the narratives. This is spiritual fraud.

I recently found another YouTube personality — Bill Donahue — who reminds me of Campbell’s approach to mythology. Here are the videos I’ve watched so far. I recommend them all.