Ideas Worth Spreading: Terence McKenna’s Hyperdimensionality

Peering Through the Matrix

terence_mckennaWhat can we expect from the stories of “an eyewitness to a hyper-dimensional automobile accident”? You won’t find any bourgeois respectability in  McKenna’s  lectures. Instead, the recordings and compilations below deliver an ultra-concentrated dose of consciousness-raising excursions into an infinity usually obscured by mainstream cultural conditioning.

Some critics have started to pin the intellectually bankrupt “controversial” label on McKenna’s ideas about the singularity, the event horizon at which our Eros-driven civilization will dissolve into the Eschaton that awaits us at the end of human history. There’s no genuine cause or need for controversy around Mckenna’s ideas. To me, McKenna is simply one of the most eloquent diagnosticians of our strange moment in history.

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