Vice Meets Superstar Communist

Slavoj-ZizekHere are a few memorable but fragmentary thoughts (“Thought Clips”) inspired by this interview with Slavoj Zizek, an uncommon and titillating thinker, a super-star theoretician re-asserting Marxism’s relevance and redemptive potential.

Thought Clip #1: In order to destroy our governing ideologies, we must first destroy ourselves — more precisely, we should destroy within ourselves that which binds us to our ideologies.

Thought Clip #2: Idealogy is everything that prevents us from experiencing life as it is.

Thought Clip #3: Every act of violence results from failures of imagination and language.

Thought Clip #4: Every fascism is a failed revolution. Since 2008, we have inflated the revolutionary spirit and then engineered its collapse into disenchantment and a sheer exhaustion of the radical imagination. That’s a prelude to the rise of fascism, a familiar path well-trodden by trail-blazing false messiahs.

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