Influence with Integrity

The Future of "Public Relations": Here and Now


Given the velocity of deeply disruptive change, most organizations are only starting to adjust to a world transformed by the undeniable obsolescence of established paradigms. The transformation of our media ecology has created a new type of Attention Economy, rearranging the priorities of organizational leaders in ways that forward-thinking boards and management teams are only starting to acknowledge. In the meantime, organizational performance remains constrained by the routinized reliance on management principles and analytical tools whose inadequacy seems increasingly self-evident.

My consulting practice, anchored in the idea of Influence with Integrity, helps organizations earn the attention of their affinity groups by:

  • Developing and deploying more effective measures of ROI in advertising, public relations, investor relations, branding and social media.
  • Developing and deploying more effective conflict-free assessments of dominant stakeholder perceptions and sentiments.
  • Auditing and improving current data management and content curation processes.
  • Minimizing the impact of organizational blind spots, gaps in disclosure policies and internal communications protocols.


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