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Since the start of my career in 1996, I have served as a trusted advisor to a diverse roster of clients, including established leaders and disruptive innovators, public and private companies, nonprofits, authors and academic researchers. Through this varied experience, I have helped clients build their brands, increase sales, raise capital, correct misconceptions, manage crises and complex issues, enter new markets, and win the support of opinion leaders. All this, through the transformative power of a story well told. Storytelling is my craft, and I use it with conviction to help my clients transform ideas into realities.

Over the past 10 years, my consulting work and entrepreneurial ventures have increasingly focused on sustainability, innovation and applications of data analysis and behavioral science to the challenges of organizational leadership.

I’m currently working on the following ventures/engagements:

  • Independent Advisor – I help clients effectively compete for the scarcest economic resource: attention. See list of recent campaigns.
  • Agency Partnerships – I often work as a subadvisor to agency partners including K2 and GraphicIQ.
  • Startup in Stealth Mode – A corporate advisory service inspired by the idea that character is destiny.

I welcome inquiries from prospective clients, agency partners, journalists and other thoughtful observers at the fertile intersections of business and politics, finance and technology, order and chaos, etc. Reach me at lev@janashvili.net